Music Appreciation/Technology

Melinda Boyle, Instructor

Music is essential to our lives! Movies, car rides, and weddings would be dull and boring without the expression and emotion of music. So let’s delve into: what is music? how do we make it, even if we don’t know how to read notation or sing? and how can we use it to bless others or communicate our thoughts?

This hands-on class seeks to interweave the elements of music across time periods and styles:

  • Appreciation (exposure to various styles: classical, jazz, Broadway, opera, etc)

  • Geography (Asian, African and American influences)

  • History (including how each period of music influenced current church music)

  • Basic theory (we’ll learn enough to compose and notate a memorable tune)

  • Technology (from sound effects to drum beats, composing modern music is only a fingertip away!)

Required: $75 lab fee (covers necessary classroom subscriptions to music and tech tools) Personal access to a phone/tablet/computer with Garage Band (free app for Apple devices) or equivalent program* Text (free download) : https://ung.edu/university-press/books/understanding-music-past-and-present.php

*Garage Band is the program I am most familiar with. Plenty of others are available, depending on the operating systems of your phone, tablet, or computer. Audacity is a popular, non-Apple, option. Many tutorials have been written about how to use Audacity in the same way we use Garage Band, so a technology assignment can be fulfilled even though you may be using a different app than what we cover in class.

Introduction to Art

(On Hiatus 2019-2020)

*This class counts as a high school fine arts credit.

 Melinda Boyle, Instructor

This beginning art class teaches the elements of art and the principals of design. This course is designed as a beginning art class for students wishing to pursue upper level art courses as well as for those who wish to satisfy their Fine Arts requirements for high school graduation. Students will explore basic art media and techniques, such as drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture and more!   An open house at the end of the school year will allow students to display their art work for family and friends.

Basic supplies needed:  A good sketch book, an apron or large t-shirt that you don't mind getting messy, a nice set of regular and colored pencils, and a set of various sized brushes for painting.

A fee of $75 will be required for supplies to be purchased by the teacher.