The Midlands Home School Resource Center (MHSRC) has been established to serve the home school community in the Midlands. It is a resource center, not a school. Its goal is to aid parents who need assistance in teaching their child the upper level mathematics, science, foreign language, and/or English courses required to graduate from high school and to prepare their child for college.

Students attending classes at the MHSRC are to be registered home schoolers with SCAIHS, a school district, or a third option group. Courses at the MHSRC will be offered on a college preparatory basis with tuition payable prior to the first day of classes each semester. The primary teaching responsibility of each student remains with the parent.

The Midlands Home School Resource Center will not seek to provide state-certified teachers for the classes offered. Instead, teachers trained by degree and/or having experience in the areas offered will be utilized. Each of the teachers has taught in a classroom situation, yet may not have his or her teacher’s certificate. You, the parent, are hiring the teacher; thus, you are required to pay the teacher directly. The MHSRC administrator is merely a facilitator.

In lieu of furnishing a separate Statement of Doctrinal Faith, each parent can refer to several evangelical confessions which are held by the administration and the teachers of the MHSRC to accurately present the system of doctrine believed to be taught in the Bible. These documents are:

The Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms (1644)
The Heidelberg Catechism
The Apostles’ Creed

Parents should have a clear understanding of the Biblical philosophy and purpose of the Midlands Home School Resource Center. This understanding includes a willingness to have their child exposed to the clear teaching (not forced indoctrination) of the Statement of Faith in various and frequent ways. The key elements of Christianity will be unapologetically taught through the science, math and literature courses offered. Parents must accept and agree to cooperate with all written policies of the Midlands Home School Resource Center.