Foreign Language


Spanish I

Mari Fontana, Instructor

This is a course designed to introduce the student to all aspects of foreign language including: grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Students will learn through study of various cultural topics, the practice of all subject material using conversation, interactive classroom activities, various readings, media resources, as well as individual and group assignments. Assignments and classroom experience will encourage the students development of their foreign language studies. 

Scope and Sequence:

 Thematic Vocabulary: Greetings, introductions, numbers, days of the week, weather, classroom phrases, after-school activities, snack foods and drinks, describing yourself and others, daily schedules, time, describing classes and location, expressing feelings, meals and foods, asking questions, family, giving dates, clothing, shopping, places and events, getting around town, in a restaurant, describing a house, household items, furniture, planning a party, chores, sports, staying healthy, parts of the body, sending emails, talking about when events occur, making a phone call, places of interest, daily routines, vacation plans, discussing vacation and leisure activities.

 Grammar: Spanish alphabet, subject pronouns and SER; GUSTAR with an infinitive, definite and indefinite articles, noun-adjective agreement, the verb tener, present tense of -AR verbs, verb estar & ir, Gustar with nouns, present tense of -IR and -ER verbs, possessive adjectives, comparatives, stem-changing verbs e-ie/o-ue/e-i, direct object pronouns, Ser or Estar, ordinal numbers, irregular verbs, affirmative Tu commands, Saber and Conocer, personal -a, preterite of regular -AR -ER -IR -CAR -GAR -ZAR verbs, preterite of IR SER & HACER, pronouns after prepositions, reflexive verbs, present progressive, indirect object pronouns, demonstrative adjectives. 

Textbook: Advancemos Level 1 (Publication year 2006), ISBN: 9780618594061 Workbook: Avancemos Cuaderno - Practica por niveles, ISBN: 9780618782185


Spanish II

Mari Fontana, Instructor

Prerequisites: Spanish 1 

This course will reinforce the skills learned in Spanish 1 including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Emphasis will be placed on perfecting pronunciation, mastery of basic grammar, and increased proficiency communicating. Students will be exposed to the past tenses, future, conditional and subjunctive mood. Students will be expected to apply these in writing and speaking through classroom participation, group and individual assignments, and projects.

 Scope and Sequence:  Thematic Vocabulary: Going on a trip, vacation, sports and health, daily routines, clothes and shopping, at the market, legends and stories, past and present, preparing and describing food, ordering meals, making movies, invitations to premiere, school newspaper, family and relationships, the environment and conservation, careers and professions. 

Grammar: Definite and indefinite articles, subject pronouns and SER, adjectives, verb GUSTAR, IR+A+place, SER or Estar, regular present tense verbs, stem-changing verbs, direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns, Preterite of -AR, -ER, -IR, SER, HACER, VER, DAR, -CAR, -ZAR, -GAR verbs, demonstrative adjectives and pronouns, reflexive verbs, present progressive, present tense of YO verbs, pronouns after prepositions, irregular preterite verbs, imperfect tense, USTED/USTEDES commands, pronoun placement with commands, affirmative and negative words, double object pronouns, affirmative & negative Tu commands, present subjunctive with ojala, subjunctive with impersonal expressive, POR and PARA, comparatives, superlatives, other impersonal expressions, future tense of regular verbs, future tense of irregular verbs.

Textbook: Advancemos Level 2 (Publication year 2006), ISBN: 0618687254 Workbook: Avancemos Level 2 Cuaderno Practica por niveles, ISBN: 0618782192