Mission Statement

The Midlands Home School Resource Center (MHSRC) has been established to serve the home school community in the Midlands. It is a resource center, not a school. Its goal is to aid parents who need assistance in teaching their child the middle school preparatory classes and the upper level mathematics, science, foreign language, and/or English courses required to graduate from high school and to prepare their child for college.

Students attending classes at the MHSRC are to be registered home schoolers with SCAIHS, a school district, or a third option group. Courses at the MHSRC will be offered on a college preparatory basis with tuition payable prior to the first day of classes each semester. The primary teaching responsibility of each student remains with the parent.

The Midlands Home School Resource Center will not seek to provide state-certified teachers for the classes offered. Instead, teachers trained by degree and/or having experience in the areas offered will be utilized. Each of the teachers has taught in a classroom situation, yet may not have his or her teacher’s certificate. You, the parent, are hiring the teacher; thus, you are required to pay the teacher directly. The MHSRC administrator is merely a facilitator.

In lieu of furnishing a separate Statement of Doctrinal Faith, each parent can refer to several evangelical confessions which are held by the administration and the teachers of the MHSRC to accurately present the system of doctrine believed to be taught in the Bible. These documents are:

The Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms (1644)
The Heidelberg Catechism
The Apostles’ Creed

Parents should have a clear understanding of the Biblical philosophy and purpose of the Midlands Home School Resource Center. This understanding includes a willingness to have their child exposed to the clear teaching (not forced indoctrination) of the Statement of Faith in various and frequent ways. The key elements of Christianity will be unapologetically taught through the science, math, history and literature courses offered. Parents must accept and agree to cooperate with all written policies of the Midlands Home School Resource Center.


There will be a mandatory orientation held for all instructors, parents, and students in August prior to the first day class. The purpose of this meeting is for instructors and families to meet one another, to review policies, and to confirm that all lab and tuition fees are paid. Parents and students will be able to pick up course outlines/syllabi.


An admissions committee will carefully review each application for enrollment at the MHSRC. The goal of the admissions committee is to bring together student and teacher in a Christ-honoring environment in which your child can grow intellectually and spiritually, and be prepared for college. Each applicant’s academic potential, scholastic motivation and wholesome character will be considered. The committee will prayerfully seek to discern what is best for the student, the student body, the parents, and the teachers. Also, the MHSRC reserves the right to deny  admission to any child if his or her ability, behavior, emotional or psychological development suggests that he or she would not be best served by this Resource Center. Because of the magnitude and importance of its task, the admissions committee’s independence and integrity will be guarded. 

Submitting an application with the appropriate application/registration fee does not insure your student’s acceptance in classes at the Midlands Home School Resource Center. New applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview with the administration and/or the teachers. A new student’s most recent standardized test scores must accompany your application. A notice of acceptance or denial will be sent to all applicants by e-mail after the application is processed and reviewed by the admissions committee. 

Classes are scheduled if a minimum enrollment of 5 students per class is attained. (Exception: Spanish classes – minimum enrollment of 10 students per class) Classes are scheduled to meet for 75 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Enrollment in each class will be limited to 16 students. Students are permitted to take only one math course per year and only one science course per year. (Exceptions: approval by teacher(s) or seniors who need the credits for graduation)

Placement tests will not be given for any course until all fees have been submitted along with the application.

Class syllabi will only be given to parents and students on the night of orientation after tuition for the class has been paid.  Under no circumstances will class syllabi be given out prior to payment for the class.

MHSRC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies or admissions policies.


Students must have a final average grade no lower than a “B-” (80) in a pre-requisite or a prior course to move forward to the next level course. (Spanish II students must have a final grade of 85 or above to move into Spanish III.)

Students who continue to have academic difficulty and make no earnest attempt to improve or who persist in an uncooperative or non-productive attitude (either at the conclusion of the first semester or at the end of the school year) will be denied re-enrollment. The MHSRC has limited space; students who are not motivated to learn will not be permitted to occupy a classroom space that could be granted to a student who is striving for academic success. The MHSRC reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student who does not meet its academic requirements or who fails to conform to its rules and regulations. Dismissal, suspension, or probation may occur without specific charges and at the Board’s absolute discretion.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition will be payable in full prior at the beginning of each semester. Tuition will be $250.00 per course per student for each semester.  

Tuition is due for the first/fall semester at the mandatory orientation meeting in August, and tuition is due for the second semester/spring semester on the first day of second semester classes in January. Tuition payments should be made payable to the individual instructors, not to the MHSRC. Please include a brief explanation on each check to state the reason for the check. (example: 1st semester – Chemistry I – “student name”)  Parents who do not pay tuition in full by the night of orientation will incur a $5 late fee/class beginning with the first Tuesday after orientation.  If payment for classes is not submitted by the due date, there will be a $5.00/class day late fee charged.   Payments not received before the fourth class of the semester will result in your student forfeiting the class.

Application and Registration Fee:

$150.00 ($75.00 non-refundable application fee + $ 75.00 registration). Application and registration fees are not included in the tuition.

A yearly, non-refundable application fee of $75.00 and a registration fee of $75.00 will be charged per family and must be submitted with a completed application. Checks for the application and registration fees should be made payable to Midlands Home School Resource Center (or MHSRC ). The registration fee covers the cost of operating expenses for the school year. (This includes: building usage, insurance, telephone, office supplies, stamps, printing, cleaning supplies, paper, etc.)

****NEW - An additional $50 fee will be charged for all honors level high school math, English, and history classes.  

Study Hall Fee:

A semester fee of $80.00 will be charged per study hall period for any student requiring one. Study hall fees should be made payable to MHSRC and are due at the time of registration, and for second semester, by the first day of class in January.  Any late payments for study hall will result in a $5/class day late fee. For first semester, late charges will begin with the first Tuesday after orientation.

Laboratory fees, study hall fees, and your application/registration fees are expected upon registration. 

Late Fees:

A $25 late fee will be charged to families who submit an application after April 1st.
If a student is registered in only one class, and this class does not have the minimum number of students required to hold the class and/or the class is cancelled by the teacher, the registration fee (but not the application fee) may be returned. 

Course Change Fee:

After May 1st, course changes made by the parent after the application has been received and all fees have been paid will result in an additional fee of $25.00 per class change or withdrawal made payable to the teacher affected. (Exception: the change of one class to another class taught by the same teacher)

Withdrawal Fees:

Withdrawals from a course before the beginning of classes or within the first two classes of instruction will result in a $25 withdrawal fee. Withdrawals between the third and fifth classes of instruction will result in a $50 penalty.  Withdrawals after the fifth day of class will result in a complete forfeiture of tuition paid. 

Withdrawals from second semester classes will result in a $50 withdrawal fee. 

Lab fees are nonrefundable regardless of the time of withdrawal.  

Permanent Dismissal:

We reserve the right , at any time, to  permanently dismiss a student from the Resource Center for behavioral or academic reasons.  

Auditing fee:

With special permission from the teacher, a student may audit a class for $125/semester only if the student has already completed the course and desires reinforcement in the subject.

Laboratory Fees:

Laboratory fees are additional fees needed for science and art classes; these are not included in the tuition. Lab fees are nonrefundable. An additional lab fee may be charged first semester for the science fair. Lab fees should be made payable to Katherine Schilling or Angela Farthing (for science) and are due at the time of registration. Please post date science lab fee checks for May 2, 2019, if submitted before this date.


The student is responsible to provide textbook, paper, notebooks, and pencils for each class. For additional supplies required for the course in which your student is registered, please refer to the class syllabus. Required lab materials will be furnished by the instructor and will be funded by the lab fee.


In order to maintain a productive educational environment at the MHSRC, the instructors will require proper, respectful behavior from all students. Misbehavior by a student can and will result in disciplinary action; this discipline may include counseling with the student and/or the parent, suspension, expulsion, or denial of future enrollment of the student and/or his family members at the MHSRC. 

To encourage each student to achieve his highest personal growth, cheating on homework assignments, quizzes, or tests will be not be tolerated. If a student is discovered cheating or to have cheated, the parents will be notified, the student will receive a “zero”, and the student will not have the opportunity to re-take or make-up the assignment, quiz, or test.  If there is a second offense, the student will be expelled immediately.

Students who continue to have academic difficulty and make no earnest attempt to improve or who persist in an uncooperative or non-productive attitude (either at the conclusion of the first semester or at the end of the school year) will be denied re-enrollment. The MHSRC has limited space; students who are not motivated to learn will not be permitted to occupy a classroom space that could be granted to a student who is striving for academic success. The MHSRC reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student who does not meet its academic requirements or who fails to conform to its rules and regulations. Dismissal, suspension, or probation may occur without specific charges and at the Board’s absolute discretion.

Bullying will absolutely not be tolerated and may result in expulsion at the discretion of the Board.

Profanity and crude speech, derogatory or suggestive language, or offensive jokes will not be tolerated at the MHSRC. Students should avoid speech or actions that disrupt the flow of class activity, whether it is lecture, discussion, or lab work.

Under no circumstances is a student allowed to enter the Lexington Presbyterian Church building without specific permission from the Director. Students found breaking this rule will be subject to expulsion.

No rough play will be permitted at the MHSRC as it poses a safety hazard.  Students must replace anything they waste, damage, or break.

No chewing gum allowed.

Smoking is absolutely prohibited at the MHSRC. Students found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be expelled immediately from the MHSRC.

Cell phones and any other electronic device that can access the internet are to be left in the student's vehicle or kept in their backpack at all times, even during study hall. Any student found breaking this rule will have his or her cell phone or electronic device taken for the remainder of the day. If a parent or student needs to contact the other, we would ask that they call the MHSRC phone (803-358-9282).


The MHSRC is an educational environment; therefore, students are not allowed to have visitors on campus. (i.e. alumni students, boyfriend or girlfriend, friends on public school holiday, etc.)

Dress Code

Please dress comfortably and remember that students will be using lab materials occasionally that can stain clothing. Be modest in your dress and behavior and always be considerate of others. 

  1. Boys may wear knee-length shorts. (No shorts are allowed above the knee.)

  2. Girls may wear skirts, shorts and dresses that are no shorter than knee-length. Leggings may be worn only under a knee-length dress or top.

  3. Girls may not wear tops with spaghetti straps or wear any top that reveals any clevage. Absolutely no shirts will be allowed that reveal your belly button or stomach.

  4. Shoes are required to be worn at all times.

  5. Pants must be pulled up properly so that no underwear is visible. No sloppy appearance. No holey clothing.

  6. T-shirts with Biblical messages are welcome, but clothing touting offensive messages or lifestyles is prohibited.

  7. Clothing should fit properly and not be overly tight or overly baggy as this is distracting to others.

  8. No hats will be allowed to be worn during class or study hall.

  9. No pocketknives with a blade of 2” or longer are allowed at the MHSRC. (SC Law, section 16-23-405)

  10. Absolutely no sunglasses to be worn in the building.



The homework assignments given by the teachers are meant to give the student a full week’s worth of study material. The parents should expect to review the assigned work and assist the student in setting up a daily study schedule, just as the parents do for the work they assign at home.

Should a student miss class due to an illness or a trip, the student is responsible for obtaining copies of course notes and handouts. The instructor cannot be expected to review entire class lectures for the benefit of those students absent either for family reasons or because of illness. 

Assignments will be due without regard for absences other than illness. (Exception: an agreement between the teacher & the parent made prior to the student’s absence.) Waiver of this policy should not be requested as it presents the instructor with an unfair situation relative to the other students.

Absences & Tardies

Only 4 excused absences from a class are permitted per semester unless approved by the teacher and administrator. Repeated tardy arrivals show disrespect to the teachers and other students. If a student has 4 unexcused tardy arrivals in any semester, corrective action will be taken at the teacher's discretion.

Grade Reports, Assessment and Communication

Final reports will be available for pick up mid-May at the Resource Center.  The parents will keep a copy for their academic records.  The MHSRC teachers will assign appropriate grades for each student, but parents are responsible for keeping and maintaining student records (including the portfolio) as required under the South Carolina law.

Teachers reserve the right to require that papers or tests with low or failing scores be signed by a parent and returned promptly to the teacher.

The grading scale for all instructors will be the same as that of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS). 

90 - 100  A    4.0
80 - 89    B     3.0
70 - 79    C     2.0
60 - 69    D    1.0
0 - 59      F     0.0

Students must have a final average grade no lower than a “B” (80) in a pre-requisite or a prior course to move forward to the next level course. 

Study Hall

A semester fee of $80.00 will be charged per study hall period for each student.

The study hall fee for the semester is payable to MHSRC at the beginning of each semester. (See Course Fee Schedule pages & Course Fee Worksheet page of application.) The study hall fee is non-refundable.

No more than one study hall period is allowed per student per day unless otherwise approved.

If a student who is not regularly scheduled to be in study hall needs to have a study hall period one day, the fee charged is $10.00 for one study hall class period (unless there is an emergency situation). 

Study hall is not for the “baby-sitting” convenience of the parent nor is it to be a meeting place for a student to visit with his/her friends. An administrator must be notified and approval given when a student needs a study hall period; do NOT just "show-up" for study hall. Students who are habitually early for class or late being picked up after their class has concluded will be assessed a $10 study hall fee. To avoid this fee, students should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class and should leave the MHSRC premises within 5 minutes of the conclusion of class.

Because the MHSRC needs to know where students are during resource center hours, the parent should notify an administrator when the student will not be in his/her scheduled study hall. 

A student is not allowed to leave the MHSRC campus during his/her study hall period unless a parent calls the MHSRC office (or sends a signed written note to the MHSRC office with the student) to give permission for the student to leave the MHSRC campus during study hall for that particular day.

Study hall is a privilege. Any misbehavior, disrespect, or disobedience will not be tolerated. The student may be dismissed from study hall if proper behavior is not maintained. Students should use their time in study hall constructively and wisely.

Weather Closing or Delay Announcement

During hazardous weather conditions (with the exception of delays due to extreme cold), the MHSRC closing announcement will be the same as the Lexington District 1 schools. Therefore, whatever closings or delays Lexington District 1 announces, the MHSRC will follow. In addition, an attempt will be made to e-mail a message to each family confirming the status of the MHSRC schedule. For this reason, and others, parents are to keep updated e-mail addresses with the administrator at all times. An attempt to send a “Calling Post Card” may also be made.

Please note: the MHSRC does not follow the Lexington District 1 schedule of school holidays.